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Immortal Calling

After the Fall of Night: Book 2

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In a distant world of kings and kingdoms, a passing comet ignites catastrophic disasters in every region, bringing about an end-time apocalypse. As chaos ensues, the inhabitants struggle to survive, with no species spared the threat of extinction, neither human nor immortal.


Nightwalkers and daywalkers, wizards and humans, all await one predestined crosswalker—the dir cyohr—a prophesied savior foretold to arise in the final days. But as new allies are forged and dark enemies arise, can this outlander stave off forces of evil that intend to alter fate at any cost? Furthermore, can he prevail against his greatest foe, a Delghorlin nightwalker hellbent on destroying him, seeking a powerful charm called the Clyth?


Amid these challenges, the dir cyohr must find peace within himself, including opening his heart to a newfound love, never imagining the surreal reality that lay in store. But with the support of his sister and trusted friends who have crossed worlds to stand by his side, he is now ready to embrace…his immortal calling.

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 white wolf transformed from animal to man at the edge of dense woods surrounding the local cemetery. Wind whipping through thick, entangled branches moaned as the individual moved toward an aboveground family vault marked Chesterson and entered its cold, dark confines. He glanced over the caskets of the silent inhabitants resting within, immediately taking notice of a figure slumped against the back wall. Several grinding pops sprang out from the shadow-shroud form, giving away the individual’s  identity.

“Beloved Mother.” Jozsef’s hand grazed the coffins as he ambled past each one. “Father. Sister.” He slapped his hand down with an accompanying grunt. “Brother.” His vision locked on a cloudy epitaph.

“So, you’ve let von Vadim know you’re here.” The dark form straightened, now presenting the obvious image of a man, and stepped his way.

“I’ve got him wondering.” Jozsef looked over the coffin where his hand still pressed against its cold surface. Yes. Beloved brother. He could see who the deceased had been in life, like a movie playing before him.

“I guess there’s no turning back now. You sure he’ll believe it’s you?”

“I’ve got something else to follow that message.” He held out his hand revealing a large opal ring adorning his middle finger. “This won’t fail.” His gaze readjusted on the immortal who’d progressed to the door. “Is there something more?” The individual gawked, making him uneasy.

“Sorry. I can’t help staring. It’s hard to get used to.”

“You just keep up with things on your end. You do your job, and I’ll do mine.”

Nothing more to say, the immortal exited the crypt and vanished into the night.

Jozsef broke the lid off of a casket and cleaned out its human remains. He climbed in and lay back, shutting himself in. His body needed rest, but his mind was working overtime.

Score, Corin, worthy of the shield. It’s been a long time coming, but now it’s time to face the past…brother.”

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