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orin rose from his dark sanctuary as the sun was setting. He usually waited for twilight before emerging, but being an older vampire, he could tolerate a small amount of sunlight. In the shadows of the forest, where he spent a great deal of time, he even dared to wander out in the earlier daylight hours. But that was a risk he wouldn’t attempt often, for the burning rays could literally turn him to ashes.

Corin stayed in isolation at his estate—a sprawling and grand abode consisting of more than two thousand acres of lush woodlands running across a hilly terrain. The mansion had undergone numerous renovations over the last five hundred years, growing in size and value. It sheltered a host of treasures—just a taste of the vast wealth he’d accumulated over his many years of existence. A cunning businessman, he’d made many wise investments, ensuring his position. Money would never be a problem for him.

With his eyes shaded by dark glasses, he stood in a shadowed area near the lanai door, looking past the wall, toward the woods. This land had been his solitude from the very beginning of his changed existence, and if he had anything to say about it, it always would be.

“You’re taking your walk, aren’t you?” His thoughts were on Angelique, fearing she was venturing out alone, regardless of her recent scare. She had no idea of the danger lurking in the area.

Concerned for her safety, he disregarded his own well-being and braved the light. Twilight wasn’t far off, but he refused to wait a moment longer for those last lingering rays to give in to the onslaught of falling night.

Sheltered under his cape and Stetson, he made a swift dash for the woods. Reaching the shady folds, he metamorphosed into a wolf and tore off in the direction of the creek, keeping to the cover of the woodland floor for protection from the dwindling light breaking through the shield of trees above him. He knew right where to find her—walking the path that led to the creek where their properties merged.

Making his way through the crowding of trees, he caught sight of another wolf running parallel with him. A bit to his left, the creature kept in perfect unison. Time slowing to a crawl, he watched as it moved in slow motion. Surmising this was no ordinary wolf, Corin veered toward it. But with his attempt to intercept, the animal suddenly dematerialized, confirming what he feared—another immortal walked the woods.

Why can’t I sense you?

Corin picked up his pace, now more concerned than ever for Angelique’s safety.

Relief suffused his body when he spotted her on the path. Careful not to be seen, he bypassed her in the woods, reached the creek ahead of her, and waited. He reclaimed his human form, clothes and all, having the exceptional power to shape-shift anything on his person. Fortunately, the sun had finally descended, but for the moment, he kept to the shadows and anticipated her arrival. Her scent carried on the air as she drew close. He inhaled deeply, a subdued groan emerging as he exhaled. Only a few feet away from him now, his gaze fell on her.

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Immortal shape-shifter, Corin von Vadim, inhabits a secluded sprawling estate in the town of Hixton. An enigmatic loner, he hides the fact that during the daylight hours, he rests within the dark confines of the earth, only rising after twilight—a routine he has carried out for five hundred years.


Now, murder has struck his tranquil community, coinciding with the arrival of a sinister newcomer, and he is drawn into the sordid game of a killer. But joining forces with a mortal and an otherworldly daywalker, he soon finds himself in a battle for survival. And when the woman he loves becomes a pawn in the game of rivalry, things turn personal, for he will do whatever it takes to save her.


Beware the setting of the sun and listen for the call of the wild wolf crying out its warning of immortal presence. You see, this is their time—after the fall of night.

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2009, 2013
Paranormal Romance/Vampires
ISBN-13: 978-1482032833
ISBN-10: 148203283X

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